A condensed version of this article was submitted as public comment to the Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

This piece is directed against people who want homeless people out of their parks. It lays out reasons why increased criminalization and sweeping will not achieve that goal, and provides information about win-win alternatives that will, while also protecting human rights. If you’ve made it this far, I hope that means you can give a moment of your time to try to set aside gut reactions and preconceptions, and give some of this evidence a fair hearing.

If the Board truly…

Content Warning: Transphobia, Classism, Racism, Ableism

Cops do not protect victims of domestic violence. Aside from the fact that cops are more likely than the general population to perpetrate domestic violence, by the time victims are desperate enough to call police, we as a society have already failed.

Cops are the clean-up crew for when the problems that arise from oppression finally become too big and visible for the wealthy & powerful to ignore. Cops don’t prevent domestic abuse. They respond to it. If the response to escalating prevalence of domestic abuse is to increase police funding, what does that…

Once again, unhoused people and allies ask Boulder to stop using the camping ban to push people back and forth across the city against public health recommendations.

We point to the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling against the city of Boise, that criminalizing people for sleeping outside when there’s insufficient shelter constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Boulder counters that it provides shelters & services, suggesting that those services are so comprehensive that anyone sleeping outside is “resistant” and simply chooses not to accept any help!

We tell them that this is not the case. We point out specific individuals who have…

The SROs that Chief Bashor called a “very valuable position” have been EMPIRICALLY shown to increase disciplinary actions disproportionately against students of color, and I have personally heard from marginalized BVSD students and alumni who have had traumatic interactions with their school SROs, and/or who feel fundamentally unsafe with the presence of law enforcement in their place of learning.


Lafayette PD has committed excessive uses of force, and collaborates with the even more violent and unaccountable Boulder County Sheriff, who are being sued for excessive force and prosecuted for manslaughter.




Recently several people, mostly well-meaning family members, have cautioned me that my police/prison abolition activism and social media presence may have a negative effect on my career prospects in the field I hope to go into — teaching. I want to be clear: police abolition and teaching come from the exact same place.

To start with, one of the first steps towards abolish police is getting them the heck out of schools. Getting school boards to cut ties with police departments and remove SROs, getting those officers off of city payrolls.

More importantly, however — I do not understand how…

Riley Mancuso

queer, trans, he/him/his; former software engineer, aspiring teacher; abolish police, prisons & the DHS

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